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Our EAP Program has a wide variety of wellness services including Counseling, Psychiatry & Medication Management, Coaching Workshops & Training, Massage, Yoga and More!

We also create amazing online content to help you improve your mental health and well-being! Explore our videos, self-assessments, handouts, posters, and more.

Our EAP Services

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Mental Health & Wellness

We specialize in supporting small businesses thrive through our exceptional Mental Health & Wellness Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Our Brave EAP Program 

You want an employee whose head's in the game. Someone who can handle the intense pressures that comes with the job. You understand the pressures at work, home, and school can add up quickly. You've been there too. 

Our EAP providers help your employees thrive under pressure and manage their mental well-being. We understand the challenges they face. Our therapists and prescribes are here to help you and your employees. 

Want to learn more? Reach out today! 

Contact us at (573) 825-6441 or [email protected].


Our therapists are here to help you address a wide variety of issues. We are here to help you face whatever life has thrown your way.


Our practice has two amazing medication providers. Dr. Kimberley Brandt and Bob Sobule, PA.


We offer coaching in a variety of areas including parenting, financial planning, and more! 

Workshops & Trainings 

We provide a wide variety of workshops and training on critical topics on mental health, substance use, self-care, relationships, parenting, and so on. Do you have a specific topic you would like us to present to your team? Reach out today! 




Massage Therapy 

We partner with an amazing group of highly skilled massage therapists. We ensure each therapist is trauma informed. Brave has teamed up with Life is Sweet Massage Therapy to ensure you have an amazing experience. 


We partner with an outstanding yoga instructors at Moon Yoga.

Brave Membership Resource Center

Life is hectic! It's hard to find time to seek out the information, resources and support you need. At Brave, we aim to make it bit easier. We offer a variety of recorded videos, handouts, posters, resources and links through our membership. 

You and your team get 24-Hour Access on a wide range of topics. 

Check out our online courses below! 

Online Courses & Educational Content

Our courses are geared towards providing a basic foundation for your employees to understand critical topics. By presenting these topics in a variety of ways, we ensure they gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their loved ones, and their colleagues. Explore our videos, self-assessments, handouts, posters, and more!

Community Partners

Our Office

Check out our office!

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We understand each company has unique challenges and needs. Our flexible pricing options ensure you employees have access to quality services. We are happy to help you understand all of your options and choose what's best for your company! Get a FREE Quote Today! We understand each company has different needs. We ensure you get exactly what you need. Pick and choose from our different services. Looking for guidance? Not sure which option is best for your company? Let's chat!

Brave Membership



Get 24 HOUR access to our extensive online courses and content. 

Educational Videos 

Mental Health Questionnaires


Journal Prompts


Resources & Links

And More!!!





Basic Brave Membership +



Workshops &Trainings 



360 Wellness


Standard Membership +

Psychiatry & Medication Management 

Massage Therapy 




Reach out today!

We are here to arm you with the tools and support you need.


At Brave, we know having access to wellness services 

Our providers are just a click away. We ensure your employees can access services from anywhere. Our providers are available by phone, secure video, or in-person. 

Through our secure online client portal, your employees can chat with their provider via secure messaging, or self-schedule their next appointment.

Through our website they can access our online self paced courses and resources. 

Client Portal

Client Portal 

  • Appointment Reminders (Phone Call, Text or Email)
  • Self-Schedule Appointments 
  • Secure Messaging 


Members have the convenience and privacy of 24/7 access to all EAP benefits and services at their fingertips wherever they go via the EAP smartphone app. The app offers all the same great tools, benefits and resources that are accessible via computer, but in a more mobile-friendly format. The app is downloadable free for iOS and Android.

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